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Quartz is the imaging model and graphics layer used by Apple in its macOS (formerly Mac OS X) operating systems.

History[edit | edit source]

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple who also founded NeXT, was an early adopter of Adobe PostScript, which was adapted into Display PostScript for the imaging technology of the NeXTSTEP operating system.[1] However, Mac OS X (the successor to NeXTSTEP) replaced Display PostScript with PDF for its Quartz 2D framework to avoid licensing costs.[2][3] Apple has since extended the use of PDF-based imaging to its Core Graphics framework, which is also used in its mobile operating systems, such as iOS and iPadOS.[4]

Implementation[edit | edit source]

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Quartz 2D is based on Adobe Systems' implementation of PDF 1.4.[5] Graphics functions which don't require advanced features (such as graphics embedding) will fall back to PDF 1.3 for improved performance.[6][7]

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