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SmartSketch was an early vector-based graphics application from FutureWave Software that eventually evolved into Flash.

Product history[]

Prior to working on SmartSketch, Jonathan Gay had developed another vector graphics program, IntelliDraw, at Silicon Beach Software.[1][2] Silicon Beach was acquired by Aldus Corporation in 1990.[3] Gay left Silicon Beach with co-founder Charlie Jackson to establish FutureWave in 1993.[4][5][6][7]

Gay convinced Jackson to invest in a graphics application that would become SmartSketch for PenPoint OS to run on graphics tablets designed by GO Corporation. After AT&T Corporation acquired the rights to the EO Personal Communicator tablets only to discontinue it, Gay and Jackson discovered that they no longer had a viable market for SmartSketch and retooled it to be able to output animated content that could be played back from any web browser. This product became FutureSplash Animator.[7][8]

FutureWave and its software were acquired by Macromedia in January 1997. FutureSplash then became known as Macromedia Flash.[9]


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