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Sonic Foundry Sound Forge XP 4

Sound Forge XP 4.5

Sonic Foundry Sound Forge is a sound design and editing program for Windows, originally developed by Sonic Foundry.

Product history[]

Macromedia Director Multimedia Studio 1 Windows box

Director Multimedia Studio with Sound Forge

Macromedia licensed Sound Forge 3.0 to bundle with Windows versions of Macromedia Director Multimedia Studio in February 1995. The Macintosh version of the suite included Macromedia's own SoundEdit 16.[1]

Sonic Foundry Sound Forge XP was a basic version of the application that was bundled or sold at a lower price.[2] Sound Forge XP 4.x was included with Windows versions of Macromedia Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio in December 1998, and Director 8 Shockwave Studio in March 2000. The Macintosh counterparts were bundled with BIAS Peak LE.[3][4]

In 2003, Sony Pictures Digital acquired Sonic Foundry's product line and development team, forming Sony Creative Software, which published Sony Sound Forge.[5] Sony then sold the product line, including Sound Forge, to Magix in May 2016.[6]


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