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Swivel 3D is one of the first 3D modeling applications for Macintosh and desktop computers in general.[1]


Swivel 3D was written by Young Harvill in his spare time while working at VPL Research. Swivel 3D was marketed by Paracomp, where he became the VP of engineering in 1989.[2]

Version 2.0 became known as Swivel 3D Professional and was also available in a bundle called SwivelMan,[3] which included:

  • MacRenderMan, the Macintosh version of RenderMan from Pixar.[3]
  • QuickPICS, an animation encoder which used the PICS format.
  • Swivelizer, a file format and font conversion utility.

After Paracomp merged with MacroMind, Harvill designed a new 3D modeler called MacroModel, which superseded Swivel 3D and was released in 1992 by Macromedia.[2]


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