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Typekit Inc., formerly Small Batch, Inc., was a software developer that created the technology that would become the Adobe Fonts typeface subscription service.[1]


Small Batch, Inc

Small Batch was founded in San Francisco, California in 2008 by the designers of Google Analytics.[2][3] Small Batch's Typekit subscription service was launched in November 2009.[4] At the time, the company was operating out of a small office space on the third floor of a former morgue in the Mission District of San Francisco.[5]

Small Batch's other project, Wikirank, was acquired by Brizzly on March 10, 2010.[3] The remaining company renamed itself to TypeKit in February 2011, and was acquired by Adobe Systems in October 2011.[1] Adobe Typekit was rebranded as Adobe Fonts on October 15, 2018.[6]


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