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Xtras are plug-ins for the Lingo scripting language that can enable additional functionality in a Shockwave project. Xtras are typically used to add file system I/O, hardware integration, and advanced multimedia functions. Xtras were supported by Macromedia Director, Authorware and FreeHand.

Many of Director's own functions are implemented as Xtras. Xtras use the Macromedia Open Architecture which was designed to allow easy creation of interchangeable components between Macromedia products. They can be created with Director's XDK (Xtra Development Kit), a C++ SDK. Adobe (which acquired Macromedia in 2005) maintained a list of third-party Xtras.

Xtras for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) have an .X32 file extension. Xtras for Mac OS generally have an .XTR extension. The file extension *.X16 is reserved for Xtras for Windows 3.1 (16-bit). With architectural changes in newer versions of Director, Xtra developers needed to modify their products to maintain ongoing support. With changing industry trends, many third-party Xtra developers discontinued products and dropped support due to the cost of development without a significant return.

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