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Young Harvill is the author of Swivel 3D, one of the first 3D modeling applications for Macintosh and desktop computers in general.[1]


Harvill worked on early virtual reality systems at VPL Research and wrote Swivel 3D during his spare time. Swivel 3D was marketed by Paracomp, where he became the VP of engineering in 1989. After Paracomp merged with MacroMind, he designed a new 3D modeler called MacroModel, which was released in 1992 by Macromedia. Macromodel evolved into Macromedia Extreme 3D, which was the most widely distributed 3D modeler in the industry at the time.[2]

One of Harvill's research projects at Macromedia was an integrated version of Macromedia Director Player, which evolved into Shockwave Player.[2]

After leaving Macromedia, Harvill cofounded Pulse Entertainment in 1996 with Paracomp founder William Woodward and fellow programmer Rich Bean.[2][3] Young served as the Chief Technology Officer.[4]


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